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Our membership is limited to 750 Regular Members and 37 Military Memberships.  We are currently full, but we encourage you to submit an application to be put on the waitlist.  No money is required when you apply - only when you accept an invitation to become a member.

SLSC accepts new members once a year. Current members have the opportunity to renew their membership starting mid-June and continuing through July 31. At that point, the Membership Committee determines how many vacancies can be filled. Names to fill those vacancies are taken from the waitlists in the order they were received. When your name comes up, you will receive an invitation with instructions. It is VERY important that you adhere to the timelines in those instructions. If the committee does not hear from you in the time frame allotted, it is assumed you are no longer interested and the committee goes to the next name to fill that slot.

We have two main types of membership - Regular Member and Military Member.  The main difference between the two is with the Military Membership the one-time initial fee is waived for up to 4 years as a courtesy to our Military members who may only be stationed in our area a short time.  If after 4 years as a Military Member, you wish to continue membership you will need to pay the one-time initial fee of $250. To qualify as a Military Member you need to be Active Duty Military at the time of membership offering.  Regular Membership covers all other people applying for membership.

In addition to a Regular Membership we also offer Associate and Dependent Memberships.  A Regular Member may sponsor their spouse for an Associate Membership and Dependent Memberships for their children ages 11-20.  Military Members are not allowed to sponsor Associate or Dependent Memberships.

Per our bylaws, to be a member of our club you need to be a U.S. citizen of good character, approved by the BoD, and 18 years or older (dependent members are aged 11-20).

To register your name on our waitlist, go to our website at, select the 3 bars in the banner, scroll down to Membership, then select either the Regular Waitlist or the Military. Follow the instructions on the page.

It is important that your contact information is accurate and up to date.  We are not responsible to update your information once the information is provided.  You must ensure it accurately reflects your current email address in order to be informed you have been “Invited” to join. 

The Membership Chairperson is Tim Frantzen

Sanners Lake Sportmen's Club
PO Box 1300, Lexington Park, MD 20653

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